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  • Free Will: What’s Grace Got to Do With It?
    Grace and Free Will By Ron and John On May 26, 2023

    Free Will: What’s Grace Got to Do With It?

    Ron and John begin discussing a longstanding tension in Christian theology in this first episode of the series, “Grace and Free Will.” They set the stage to examine the theological question of human choice. How do free will and what [...]

  • Ron’s Choice: Doctrine of God
    By Ron and John On April 28, 2023

    Ron’s Choice: Doctrine of God

    This episode is the first of two in which Ron and John each choose a favorite from the archives to share. Ron goes first, and next time it’s John’s choice. We hope you enjoy this as we take time to [...]

  • Straining at the Oars: Mark 6
    By Ron and John On April 14, 2023

    Straining at the Oars: Mark 6

    After feeding more than 5,000 people, Jesus sent the disciples ahead of him in a boat while he stayed behind. But when they ran into trouble, Jesus walked out to them on the water. Mark tells us that Jesus went to [...]

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Recent Podcast Series

A longstanding tension in Christian theology is that between human choice and what many call "predestination." This series takes a biblical, historical, and theological look at how these two interact and what their far-reaching implications are for everyday Christian believers.

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There are fascinating connections between the Old Testament and the New in the story of Jesus being tempted by the devil in the wilderness. John and Ron look closely at this episode in the gospels to see what's going on with each of the offers that the devil makes, the background to Jesus' responses, and how that informs our reading.

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Genesis 1-3 establishes a foundation for everything that follows in the Bible. The stories told there are crucial to the way Christians describe God's work in the world—just not always the way we expect! Ron and John look at these opening chapters carefully and in context to discuss how and why they are so theologically important.

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